October 09, 2004
morning star

Game night was at Marc and Bernie's house tonight, with Dave and Mel showing up for a game of Dante's Inferno. (from Twilight Games, who brought you the very fine Zombies!!! series) It was a quick race to the ninth circle of Hell, where Bernie confronted Lucifer and whupped his bright red ass, but good. Then Scott showed up, and we busted out the icehouse pieces from my Zendo box to play a bunch of rounds of Ice Towers. Bernie is really good at that one, too, but Scott seemed to keep up with her fairly well.

We neglected to report on last week's impromptu game night over at Huff's house. Phil was in town for the weekend (Phil and Marc ran the Austin Urban Challenge on Saturday), so we got everyone together to drink and play games. First was a quick round of Cube Farm, which Marc won due to luck and inebriety. Then Dave busted out the Bang cards, and things got ugly. I think Dave won as the Sheriff, but everything got a little hazy after that. There may have been more games played, but I don't remember anything.

Update: Oh yeah, now I remember. Phil's photos reminded me that we also played a few games of Spooks. Complicated at first, but pretty fun once you got into it.

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