August 14, 2004
ultimate game table

Last night, I realized that the old table (that I used to use for a computer desk, so it's about that size, and has many stab wounds) that we have in the living room here is way too small for a game of any size, where you've got lots of cards and fiddly bits all over the place. So, I did a little bit of poking around on the webernets, and found this beautiful thing. Seems a little excessive, but damn. If we had the space...

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At Marc and Bernie's.

Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord, with Marc, Bernie, Dave, Mel, Scott, also Huff and Jay observing. Winner - Scott, playing the Necromancer. We decided that we like this game, and Mel suggested that we play it again next, so we don't have to spend an hour remembering how it works again. (I just discovered that there are a couple new expansion packs coming out next month, and I'm all atwitter.)

After Dave and Mel left, we busted out the Uno deck (and more whiskey), and things turned ugly pretty quickly. Bernie and Punk pretty much tied overall, and Jay made an impressive showing with somewhere around -1,000,286 points.

Bernie and I also played a quick game of Fightball before everyone showed up - I think we need to play some more to get the hang of it.

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