September 23, 2004
sleeping with the fishes

Mel was sick, and nobody else showed up to Dave and Mel's house, so Bernie and Dave and Marc played a "short game" of Steve Jackson's new rule-fest, Illuminati: Crime Lords. Marc won the first "really short" game, but we kept playing up to eleven rackets, and Dave took the big prize after splattering the streets with the blood of the Old Family.

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September 06, 2004
zombie dogs

Man, I totally spaced on logging the last game night at Dave and Mel's. We had a couple of newcomers, so it was Dave, Mel, Marc, Bernie, and the new kids, Tatiana and Makail.

We combined the first Zombies!!! game set with the latest expansion, Zombies!!! 4, The End, which took a little longer to play than anticipated. Winner: the silent but crafty Makail used his pages (and mine!) to dispel the living dead.

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