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November 10, 2002

Okay, I officially hate this apartment.

We noticed that it was getting a little warm lately, after a week or so of pretty low temperatures and constant rain. I was pretty surprised to find the air conditioning blowing warm air. So, we brought this to the attention of the apartment manager, and she said yeah, we turn the air conditioning off in the winter months, and turn on the heat. AC will be back in... March. Never mind that it's been 80-85 for the last couple of days. Plus, three plus computers in the office make it about ten degrees hotter in there. Plus, the apartment is a bit of a cave - too much even for me - so almost not windows, so almost zero air flow. If they can't do something about this, it's a pretty big dealbreaker for us, lease or not. That, added to the shower alternating between freezing and scalding on a regular basis, and the general creeping shodiness of the place, is making us hate hate hate this place. Moving is a huge pain, and some expense, but we might be trying to find a new place and get out of this one in the coming month if things don't change drastically.

Last night we went over to Dave and Mel's to hang out and play games. Their neighbors, who turned out to be pretty cool, showed up, as did my cousins Nick and Alex, who I've never really met before. Also pretty cool - Nick is 19, and bought himself a house down here last year. Maybe we should just do that. Anyway, we played some Pit, which was crazy with eight people, and had some drinks and snacks, general hanging out. Good time.

(November 10, 2002 11:29 AM)

I pulled out my copy of Projeckt 3 (Masque) and listened to it over the weekend after talking with some friends about ritual theatre work with masks. Interesting, some of it was recorded in Austin, TX at La Zona Rosa.

Posted by: brian on November 11, 2002 11:45 AM
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