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November 17, 2002
I question your commitment

So, last sunday, a bunch of freaks, lead by Kyra, began serious planning for the Strange Leisure scavenger hunt. The hunt was held today. Man, that was a lot of fun.

First off, there was the usual scavenger hunt stuff - getting photographic evidence of various acts, like getting frisked by a cop, or performing certain acts on certain famous statues in the city, or bringing us clues that we'd hidden in various places - under a table on top of Mount Bonnell, in a stream in the Botanical Gardens, and so on. Also, your standard strange items, and some not so strange - like a warm dozen Krispy Kremes, or some homebrew beer. The judges like donuts and beer. Let me tell you, we wound up with a lot of donuts and beer.

The real fun comes in with the three mandatory "pit stops" each team had to make. I manned the first one, with Fing and Tenorune, which required us to sit in the food court of the mall for two hours, while the teams searched us out, and when they found us, sang to us. With feeling. That was pretty entertaining - some teams got applause from other food court goers, and only three or four got thrown out of the mall by security. Bernie helped out at the second station, the "clothes line". This was where teams got scored on how long a rope they could make with their own clothes, in a fairly public parking lot. I didn't see it, but I was regaled with stories that probably shouldn't be repeated in a public forum.

Last, but certainly not least, was the lap dance pit stop. One of the judges offered up her living room for a performance space, and all of the judges received some pretty darn good performances over the course of the evening. After the lap dancing, the teams were directed to the final check-in destination, where we tallied the scores and accepted final bribes. Winners were announced, prizes were distributed, and a good party was had by all. There were some great teams - The Wonka Rejects, If We Had Half A Clue, Sparkle Motion... I had the unique opportunity to get lap dances from both Veruca Salt, and Miss Scarlet. Fun night. We got to see a lot of old friends who wound up in Austin over the last while or so, and got to meet a bunch of new people, too. Can't wait till next time - we're thinking of setting this up every six months, or maybe quarterly, if we can think of enough stuff to do.

Other than that, the week has been pretty low-key. I've been working pretty steadily - close to full-time. We get out and see Dave and Mel every now and then - we missed a really fun-sounding Alamo Drafthouse show tonight to do the scavenger hunt. Death Race 2000, and Rock And Roll High School. Not that we've been slacking on the movie front or anything - I've been to four or so Mr. Sinus shows, and we caught Bowling for Columbine. Which was, by the way, really good - and that's me saying that, an NRA member and gun nut at large. I also finished up playing Kingdom Hearts, and I'm going to start on my second time through GTA:Vice City when I get some game-playing cycles open.

Now, more work. Plus, I've still got a hefty list of things to do on my To Do list. I don't feel like I'm getting a lot done, but I'm feeling like I'm really busy all the time. We also joined a gym last week, but haven't had time to go yet - I've got a (free!) personal trainer thingy set up for Monday, so I guess I have to go then... DDRMax is filling in for the mean time, though. Whew.

(November 17, 2002 12:01 AM)
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