June 08, 2001
My teeth hurt.

So, we got a new apartment in the Richmond district - 10th and Geary-ish. Bernie is being awesome about hooking up all the utilities and arranging movers and stuff. I am being really awesome about being a slacker. I reckon I'll be waiting until the last minute to pack up all my stuff, and forget to get the DSL moved and crap. Lamer.

Speaking of being a slacker, I really need to get myself some health insurance. I've been contracting since I left my full-time gig at Organic, and I stupidly let my CORBRA insurance deal lapse. Now my teeth (real and fake) are starting to fall apart, and I need someone else besides me - namely, an insurance company - to pay for putting it all back together.

I'll call Blue Cross tomorrow. Oh, shit. Tomorrow's Saturday. Okay, Monday. Really.

(June 08, 2001 08:37 PM)
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