June 11, 2001
Back from the dead

My ears hurt. We, that is Bernie, Pinnell, Emily, and myself, just got back from the Spinal Tap concert here. Boy, did they kick some ass. They must be about two hundred years old now, but they still rock all the way out. They had a backup chick with a tambourine that looked exactly like Colleen. Oh, and Joe Satriani came out and did a few songs with them - damn, man.

Anyway. I only got two hours of sleep this weekend. Got sucked in by DiabloII again last night - I lost all my old characters to the 90-day reaper, and started from scratch again. Then I had to help the landlord show the apartment, so we can maybe get out of the lease and get our deposit back when we move in a week or two. Then Spinal Tap. Then work tomorrow morning. And I'm screwing with the computer because...? Sleep now.

(June 11, 2001 12:27 AM)
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