February 14, 2002

" It is wrong to think that an individual citizen can effect change at this point in history. "

It is not wrong, but it is depressing and frustrating. That bitterness and frustration leads some misguided souls to a logical conlusion: one person can effect change, but it is much easier to effect change in a negative manner than it is in a positive one.

Which is easier? Devoting all your energy, your entire life, towards a goal, like Martin Luther King or Ghandi did, unsure whether you'll make a difference at all, or be written off as Yet Another Crackpot - and to be assassinated in the end for all your efforts? Or to be that assassin - to make your mark on history by attacking someone already in the public eye? It has always been easier to destroy than to create.

Who will be remembered in the next century - the already nameless workers trying to feed the poor and provide disaster relief, or the two dorks who killed a handful of highschool students? What was easier to accomplish - the uphill, and ongoing, fight for minority rights, or steering a couple of planes into the New York skyline?

This is what the moderately intelligent outcasts of today see - "It doesn't matter if I vote or not, because the election is already bought and won. But if I could settle the score with this rifle..." Obviously bad, twisted and wrong thinking, but that's history for you.

(February 14, 2002 12:41 AM)
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