March 09, 2002
Mood: stabby

Well, so much for that writing regularly thing.

I've been watching a bunch of movies lately - 70 dvds from netflix in the last 90 days. Some really good, some really bad. I'm not telling which are which.

Bernie recently had her final knee surgery, removing the hardware that held her patella together after it was smashed by a red light runner, and scraping some of the junk out that made it grind. She's mostly off the crutches now, came home from work today, and is still Resting Comfortably. I've been getting up and driving her back and forth to work - I forgot how much I hate a) driving a car in the city, b) driving in rush hour traffic, and c) waking up at a Decent Hour.

As far as work goes, I'm embroiled in yet another startup. Wacky stuff. Fun, and pay! Woot!

The little red pointer thinger on this Thinkpad is busted. It can't seem to decide whether it wants to completely freak out every time you touch it, or not work at all. Getting repair support for this thing is proving tricky, as it is "borrowed", and the whole trackpoint thing seems to scare most repair places. I'm thinking fire.

My teeth are starting to hurt again, mostly the uppers, near the back. I maintain that it has nothing to do with all the cappucino merengues. Anyway, I'm sure my dentist will be happy to see me again.

I've been playing a lot of Dance Dance Revolution lately. My shins sort of hurt.

(March 09, 2002 01:27 AM)
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