May 27, 2002
process engineering

Okay, so the site is starting to look less embarassing. I've officially decided to mothball my lifebox code in favor of movabletype, at least until I become motivated enough to write a replacement, which might be a while. Now I just need to tweak the MT templates and stylesheets a bit to fit the brand. Then comes the site rendering system.

Speaking of which, we had an awesome five-hour talk on #noisier today about a simple rendering system. Phil kicked huff and my asses into getting down to it, and he set up a wiki and mt blog to document and track stuff. Our basic principles are very basic, and our simple specification should be able to be implemented in a variety of environments, so I think, well, good. Anyway, that was like work and stuff, and now my brain hurts. But hey, it might lead to some referenceable work on the web, and that's good, because every damn site I've worked on has gone away, one way or another.

Uh, anyway. So, sleep.

(May 27, 2002 02:43 AM)
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