August 02, 2002

Tired. This whole waking up for work thing is a drag. Even working from home, without the hour-long commute thing. I generally get up when Bernie gets up in the morning to leave for her gig in Emerville, and I've got a bunch of stuff to do for my current gig, so there's no lolling about in bed for me these days. Plus, the Netflix is piling up again, and I just got Ben Hur (4 hours) and Tidus (almost 3 hours) in. That sort of movie watching requires a level of commitment that I just don't have these days - although I am almost finally through the 26-episode Cowboy Bebop set. I reckon I'll watch the last two tomorrow, then it's see you later, space cowboy.

In addition to my regular jobly duties, I also got a tiny bit of scratching done on xhibition, just a little bug fix and some pagination stuff. New version soon, maybe in a couple of days, depending.

Oh, yeah. Dad and Jane are coming for a visit next week. Bernie has a little housecleaning anxiety, but I figure we've got plenty of time. Never clean until the last possible moment, that's what I say. Otherwise, it'll just get dirty again.

(August 02, 2002 01:23 AM)
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