August 03, 2002

I've got a black denim shirt that I wear most days, over a t-shirt. It's a good layer of warmth when I ride, and it's got extra pockets to put junk into. I needed to hop across the park, and I spent about twenty minutes searching the house for it - very strange, since I always dump my stuff in the same place when I come in, and it wasn't there. I hate the crazy feeling I get when I know something has to be there, and it's not. Anyway, after scouring every square inch of the palatial Majcher estate, I figured I had to have left it somewhere; long story short, I was a dumbass, and left it at Toy Boat, where I had a mediocre turkey sandwich the day before. I have no idea how I managed that. Anyway.

After calling to make sure the shirt was there, I saddled up and made my way across the park, to a barber shop on Irving and 20th that someone had recommended. I've made a resolution not to get my hair cut at anyplace that has the words "Salon", "Style", or "Shear" in its name. I just want some old white guy with a razor and a pair of scissors to cut my damn hair for ten bucks, no chit-chat. (Although I do miss our funky punk chick hairdresser of late, Donnelle, but I just don't feel motivated to spend more than a few bucks on my hair any more.) I've been doing the "shave my head bald and let it grow out" thing for a while, so I figured I'd see what an actual haircut would look like again. Well, let me tell you, it looks bad. I think I'm going to go back to my Play-Doh Fun Factory method.

So, back to my side of the park to get my shirt from Toy Boat, and get lunch at the King of Thai - #21 with chicken and a coke. I go there probably three times a week on average, and I barely sit down before they start cooking up my tasty gound bird and vegetables. "The same?" This time, the dish was a little less spicy than usual, so I went to put some crushed red pepper on my plate, but my guy came over and stopped me, then brought me a special little container of peppers and oil from behind the counter. "You like hot, you try this!" Oh, boy, that was tasty. I think I'm going to miss that place as much as anything when we move.

(August 03, 2002 10:27 AM)
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