August 04, 2002
getting stuff done

Got a lot of stuff done yesterday. Finished up my work responsibilities, so I can have a stress-free weekend and next week, cleaned up the front part of the apartment a lot in preparation for the folks, read the new Cerebus trade paperback, pushed out two new tarballs of updated xhibition code, played some DDR and some Wipeout:Fusion, did the laundry, and took a long walk around the neighborhood, ending up at Mel's Diner for dinner. Whew.

Today, my plans include dropping off Jay's lockpicks and getting my Lain DVDs back from him, riding down to the local game store to see if I can't get me some new games, and maybe eating me some donut holes later on. Need to rest, though. Maybe I'll take a nap first.

(August 04, 2002 01:00 PM)
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