August 05, 2002
brain erase 90% complete

Once upon a time, there was an excellent movie called Rollerball, with James Caan. 25 years later, some dickless, dead-eyed movie studio executive on a coke binge watched a little bit too much MTV, an decided that there needed to be a sequel, only with shitty editing, no story, and lots of boobies. Fortunately, that atavistic bastard died of a massive cranial embolism that evening, and the sequel was never made. Anyone who tells me otherwise is likely to get a sudden, sharp blow to the throat. If I could get a little finer control on this Brain Eraser Machine, I could probably just remember the parts with boobies, but I'm fine with the way it works now.

In brighter news, I just read the first two books of J. Michael Straczynski's Rising Stars, one of the finest comics I've had the pleasure to read in quite some time. Has a bit of the flavor of the old Miracleman, with a touch of Watchmen, but totally new, and very well done. The only problem is, now I have to wait for the rest of the story.

Gamescape didn't have the games I wanted. Probably for the best, since I probably wouldn't be playing them anytime soon, anyway. I think I'll walk up to Toys'R'Us and get myself a Deluxe Dino Playset instead. I'm pretty sure that's the exact same one I had as a kid. We'll see.

(August 05, 2002 01:36 AM)
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