August 05, 2002
Austin FAQ

Oh yeah, people were asking me questions about our move to Austin today, and my man Dave suggested that I write an FAQ. So, here's my first quick shot at one:

1) You're moving to Austin? Why?

Why not? I moved out to California from Manhattan about seven years
ago, in 1995, and I've been in San Francisco for the last five or so.
I think that's plenty long.

2) When are you moving?

Our official plan is to be down there in the middle of October.

3) How are you getting down there?

Driving. Probably take it easy, make a vacation of it. On the way
out, probably stop at Bernie's folks' place, Las Vegas, and many other
exciting attractions along the way.

4) Okay, but how are you getting all your stuff down there?

We're still working on that. Most likely one of two ways: 1) Rent a
truck and drive that down, either towing the car, or in a mini-convoy.
Or, 2) pay someone a bunch of money to move our stuff down there, and
just take the car. We'll see which looks better as the date approaches.

5) Have you been to Austin before?

Oh, yeah, sure, bunches of times. Most of 'em before I was thirteen
or so, though. I did spend a week down there for business a couple of
years ago, but I pretty much only saw the inside of the Corporation,
so that doesn't really count. Bernie has never been to Austin.

6) Don't you think you should check it out before you move there?

Yeah, well, I think we'll do allright. We've had agents scouting the
area, and all reports come back positive.

7) So, where are you planning on living?

So far, South Austin sounds like the place where all the cool kids hang out. We'll have to take a look around and see what's what, but that sounds like a good start.

8) How long are you planning on staying there?

The Official Plan says six months. The Unofficial Plan says, "until
we get sick of it". I reckon it could be a wihle.

9) Do you know anybody living down there?

We know tons of people on the ground there. First off, most of my
dad's side of the family is in and around Austin. We've got a ton of
freak friends from Leri who've been setting up shop down there over
the last few years. Most recently, our pals Dave and Mel moved down
there last year about this time, and we've been in constant contact
with them.

10) You know it gets hot down there, right?

Two words: air conditioning. We'll be starting out in the fall and
winter months, so we'll get a chance to build up a tolerance to the
Texas weather.

11) How are you planning on making a living down there?

Smuggling cocaine and small arms to revolutionary groups just across
the Mexico border. If that doesn't pan out, we'll keep doing the
webernet contracting thing.

12) So, do you have a job down there or something?

Nope. In fact, we're both working up here right now. Hopefully, at
least one of our jobs will carry over after we move.
Mmmm.... telecommuting. Fortunately, our rent is going to be something like a bit more than half of what we're paying now, so we won't have to grovel at the corporate teat as much as we do in San Francisco.

13) Hm...I'm intrigued. Tell me more.

You want some more? Here's some more:

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