August 07, 2002

I'm pretty freakin' tired, but I feel like I should write, so here.

Yesterday morning, I had a doctor's appointment for a checkup. The doctor was on vacation, so my checkup was performed by the nurse practicioner instead. Holy crap she was cute. Made the nut-squeezing part less unpleasant. Anyway, itt went pretty smoothly - everything is in order, and she said that I had the most boring medical history she'd ever heard, which seems good. She also asked what I did for exercise, and I told her that I placed Dance Dance Revolution a lot, and she got a kick out of that, and we talked about how those little punk kids are so good and it and stuff.

Afterwards, I stopped for a minute outside to watch some old Chinese guys practicing t'ai chi and kung fu in the park across the street. Very neat. One guy was doing some kata with a fan that I haven't seen before. Fun. I should go back and watch more one of these days.

So, later on that evening, my sister picked up my dad and stepmom from the airport and brought them over here. They're in town from Rochester, NY for a few days, and they're staying with us. We went over to our favorite ethiopian restaurant over here, New Ertria, and met my sister's girlfriend Kat for dinner over there. Damn, that's some tasty stuff.

Today, the girls went shopping downtown, and I went over to the San Francisco Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. Checked out the Powers of Ten exhibit, the dinosaur stuff, the aquarium, the usual. Afterwards, we walked over to Clement for lunch at King of Thai, and stopped into Green Apple to look at books and stuff. I wound up getting a couple of new (to me) Alfred Bester books, and a couple of used video games - Red Faction for PS2, and Max Payne for the PC. Came home and wound up playing Max Payne for several hours until the chicks got back, then went to some crappy yuppie restaurant (Park Chow) that my sister likes. Hung out a bit, drove my sister home in Berkeley. Sleepy now.

I was going to go down to Jackson Arms to shoot some with dad, but he tore some ligaments in his arm a few weeks back, and didn't think it would be such a good idea this time around. Maybe next time. Also, didn't make it out to the Drift tonight. Maybe tomorrow, if I can round up a few of my degenerate friends to come out and drink with us.

Speaking of which, our friend Mel (of the Austin Dave and Mel) is well on her way to joining a roller derby team down there. Crazy. More details on her site.

More later.

(August 07, 2002 12:26 AM)
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