August 07, 2002
police brutality
<dave> I'm starting to feel like the Danny Glover character in the Lethal Weapon series. <jorm> when do we get to have you strip down to your underwear and attack a flame-thrower weilding lunatic? <dave> well, marc gets here in two months.

So, my day consisted of waking up, getting coffee, and sitting down with my dad and finishing Max Payne. Good little game. Very cinematic, lots of shooting and sploding. Bernie and Jane went out shopping for fabric or something while we stayed home and wrought vengeance on the underbelly of the crime world. Bernie gave us a call around one or two in the afternoon to see if we were bored and wanted to get lunch. Heh. Girls are funny.

<dad> Allright! I've got me a gun and some bullets! What more could a man ask for? <me> Something to shoot at! Over there! *bang*bang*bang*

Eventually they came home, and we went to Mel's Drive-In for dinner after fiddling on the computer a bit more. Came back, watched Evil Dead 2, then bed. Tomorrow, more fun. Plus, drinking.

(August 07, 2002 11:52 PM)
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