August 12, 2002
back to work

Monday, back to slogging crappy Perl code for money. I think I overdosed on antihistimines this weekend - I've been getting hives and rashes and itchiness for the last month or two, and I have no idea what they're from. Over-the-counter allergy medicine seems to make them go away temporarily, but I want them to go away permanently, and the antihistimines make me really, really tired, and nothing gets done. Luckily, my sister is working at some doctor's office downtown, and they're on my insurance, so I'm going down there tomorrow for some allergy tests. Finally, she will be able to fulfill her lifelong dream of scratching me up and injecting all sorts of nasty things into me to see if I puff up or not. Yay.

On saturday, we went to see the final midnight mass at the Bridge theater here; that screen classic, Mommie Dearest. The show was great, as usual, with mother/daughter drag queen wrestling and a tearful farewell lip-sync performance by Peaches herself. Bernie had never seen the movie before, and everyone was hootin' and hollerin' so much that nobody could really make out any of the dialog, so I picked up the DVD for her yesterday, so that we could bask in the glow of Ms. Dunaway as Ms. Crawford in the comfort of our own home. And bask we did.

Also picked up a few other movies while I was out, including Flash Gordon and LotR:tFotR. Something I've noticed about stores like, say the Wherehouse - they tend to be staffed by stoner college slackers who could give a shit about movies and such, so they're pretty cavalier about pricing used DVDs. Example: Flash Gordon, which is out of print, and sells for $50-$60 anywhere that bothers to check the price, was sitting in the used bin at Wherehouse for sixteen bucks. Uh, score. I'll have to take a closer look around there next time for stuff I'm having trouble getting my hands on at more respectable establishments. I mean, I love places like Green Apple, and I'm all about supporting local businesses, but forty bucks is forty bucks, man.

(August 12, 2002 03:42 PM)
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