August 13, 2002
itchy again

So, I learned some important things today. 1) Ben-Hur is a long-ass movie with only one or two good scenes over the course of four hours. 2) Hello Kitty Dream Cakes are the most disgusting snack food ever invented. 3) Every once in a while, Walgreens decides to give you stuff for free. 4) I am allergic to cats, dogs, dust mites, and three kinds of ragweed.

I went to my appointment at the allergist that my sister Katie works for. He said that the itchy bumps I've been getting are just some random allergen-and-dryness-induced eczema or something, and gave me some cream to make it not itch so much until it goes away by iteself. Then my sister stabbed me in the back with sixty-three sharp little pieces of plastic coated with various toxins. Man, that itched. But, at least I know I'm fine - I don't have skin cancer or anything, and I'm not allergic to girls or anything tragic like that. My doctor last week told me that I have the most boring medical history she's ever heard, and I think I'm just fine with that. I think I already said that. Well, I'm pretty boring, too.

Oh, I get to drive down to Menlo Park for some face time with my clients. Boy, do I miss that commute down 101. A month or so ago, when I was doing that every day, I described the 101 as "a giant conveyor belt in an asshole factory". There's just something about driving down there that really makes me lose hope for humanity. Pricks in their SUVs and Lexuses on their cell phones. Yeah, yeah, whatever, you've heard it all before. At least I can find some small joy in rush hour; if you're tooling down the freeway in your luxury sedan, making some big deal on your Nokia, and some dipshit gets in front of you doing the speed limit in the fast lane, that's me. Ass. I love that game.

Speaking of which, I've been playing with some Flash stuff again, trying to get back to this game engine that I keep not working on, and I ran across a couple of nice pages. One on general isometric game stuff, and one by the guy who used to do - which was badass - but now just has a bunch of tutorials and demos on it. Still pretty badass. Puts me to shame.

Been downloading and watching a lot of Six Feet Under, too. My sister hasn't seen a lot of the second season, and I haven't seen any of it, so I'm gonna try to get 'em all and burn some discs for her. People have been raving about it to me for a while - it's not bad. Better than I expected. Sort of like the Sopranos, only no Tony, and most of the people are already dead. And one of the guys looks sort of like a young Charlton Heston. Sort of. Anyway, it's watchable. Sometimes, I miss television. Then I look at my stack of unwatched DVDs and the 430 backed up on my Netflix queue, and I don't miss it so much. Oh, yeah, and the hundreds of hours of video games I still have waiting to be played. Plus, you know, work. And doing stuff outside of work. And... well, yeah, you get the picture.

(August 13, 2002 11:45 PM)
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