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August 24, 2002
i see a red door

Have I mentioned how cool Twisted Metal: Black is? Real cool. Phil came over after work today, and we played some multiplayer, and it was real cool too. (Well, okay, we both work from home now, but it was after your standard work hours.) I'm two psychos away from finishing the whole story mode, then there's a bunch more I haven't even looked at - challenge mode, endurance mode, all sorts of shooting stuff and making stuff explode modes. Sick, sick, sick.

After Bernie got home from her real job at a real office, she and Phil and I went out to have dinner at our new favorite Ethiopian restaurant across the park. Well, I suppose it's actually Eritrean, but I really don't know enough about the politics and history of that area to know what the difference really is - there was some annexation and civil war thing going on, and I suppose that I really should know about stuff like that, but, you know, who can keep track of all the strife in the world? All I know is that the food is damn tasty and the staff is attractive and friendly. After stuffing ourselves full of spicy meat and spongy bread and honey wine, we walked over to Toy Boat for coffee and olallieberry pie. So full.

So, we rolled home, and Bernie brought out a toolbox full of birthday presents for me. Lots of nice things that I actually need. Hex wrenches and ratchet sets and electric drill-drivers and a really swell over-engineered hammer. Plus, a really cool little notebook and a new sake set. I reckon a good chunk of tomorrow is going to be spent hunting down all the random tools I have lying around the house in little boxes and bags and getting them all together in their proper place, now that they have a proper place to be gotten into.

In other news, our Austin offensive is moving along. I'm going to head down there for a week or two to secure a landing pad for the first of the month, so as to remove as much moving stress as possible. I'll pick up some tickets for a flight down there on the 15th or 16th next month, and see how loosely I can arrange the return trip. Should be enough time to fix it up. Also, I have to give a holler to my grandmother down there, and my cousin Nick, to give the family types a heads up. We're very excited.

So, a day or two ago, I came across this new browser as a replacement for IE on Windows. It's cool. And by cool, I mean totally sweet. It's got all the goodness that IE gives you, plus a ton of nice features like tabbed windows and popup blocking. I'm still finding all the bits and pieces, but I've been using it as my default browser since I installed it, and a half dozen of the noisier kids are loving it, too. Werd.

(August 24, 2002 01:18 AM)
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