September 07, 2002
Hey, so how's that writing every day thing going?

Not so good.

I can't even really make up the lost entries, either, because, well, I didn't write down what I've been doing. I've been working a little, not a lot. I put together a little gridfont flash toy, inspired by this Douglas Hofstadter book I've been reading. I've been playing Devil May Cry again some, but it's not a long game, so that won't last. Pretty fun, but sort of annoying in that Capcom sort of way. If you liked Onimusha, though, you'll probably like this.

I also recently got myself a new Dance Dance Revolution mat, the super bad ass Redoctane Ignition 2.0 pad. Actually, I ordered two, one for me, and one for Phil, who has been getting a little out of hand with the playstation bemani-type game peripherals. He just got a ParaPara Paradise setup, which is "hilarious", according to reports, and he's had the maracas, guitar, and drum games and thingers for a while now. Ah, the hilarity. Anyway, the new pad is great. Changed my life. Can't love it enough. My shins hurt from jumping up and down all day.

Back in the real world, my friend Tim Corrigan, is in town, taking a stop in San Francisco from his motorcycle trip. He just drove from New York City, through Canada, up to Alaska, down to Nevada for Burning Man, and now here. He's got to fly back to NYC for two weeks to take care of family and apartment stuff, but then he's coming back for his bike and starting the second leg of his trip, down to the bottom of South America, then back up home to New York. Good stories, which I'll leave for someone else. Tim tells them much better than I can here, given the current need for sleep.

That's right, we're getting up at some ungodly hour to drive up to Bernie's mom's place in Sonora, about two hours east of San Francisco. Bernie's got to see her dad, too, and clean and pack some stuff that's still over there for out impending move. She's also going to help her mom out on her website - those wimmens are all over the webernet stuff, I tell ya.

Oh, yeah, last thing - we (Bernie, Phil, Tim, and I) went to see Fat Chance Belly Dance and Second Skin (the troupe that Bernie takes classes with) perform at the Victoria theatre down in the Mission tonight. They did a lot of new, different modern style things, some that didn't work so well, but some that were super. Carolina, the teacher, is absolutely fantastic - I think I went blind after her solo dance. They also had some live music for the second half, which was more traditional, improvised dance. Excellent. Fun time had by all.

Okay, downloading stuff for a weekend of work offline, then sleep.

(September 07, 2002 12:59 AM)
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