September 11, 2002
/me yawns

Mmm.... 20 minutes into the day, and I'm already sick of hearing about it.

Stumbled across two important discoveries today. First, I'm rediscovering my secret love of acapella music, starting with these guys. This is the song that set me on my quest this afternoon; funny as all hell. Second, someone sent me a link to a site with some neat t-shirts on it, but I got distracted and wandered over to the interactive anime porn games. Well, a short look around and a brief kazaa session later... so wrong. So, I'm going to be compiling a library of bishoujo games to better educate myself about the evils of this depravity, so I may more effectively warn the public about this menace. Donations are welcome.

Man, there's a lot of spiders in this place. I don't mind the little guys, but there's a really nasty looking one right here. Not where I'm trying to work, guy. Back off, or I'll be forced to smoosh you.

So, Bernie got our San Francisco -> Austin pipeline all set up today. On Saturday, 10/12, three shipping crates from citytocity will show up in front of our house. Then, a team of circus freaks from Granny's Movers will put all our crap in those boxes. Then, the boxes will be magically whisked away, and we will spend the evening carousing. The next morning, we shove off for a leisurely road trip to our new apartment (which I am going to secure on a week-long Austin excursion next week), and meet our boxes there seven to ten days later. When we get there, we sucker someone into unpacking for us, and we will officially be moved. Whew. Well, sounds like a plan. From there, it's all pretty much up in the air.

Oh yeah, and I forgot. I hate HTML work. Need to remember that.

(September 11, 2002 12:37 AM)

I've heard of discharging daily obligations early, but 37 minutes into the day?

You're not even packing your own stuff? I'd call you a lameass, but I only packed about 3/4 of my stuff - got help from Jo and my brother for the rest (with only a few minor disasters, like the box with the uncapped can of WD-40 in it).

Posted by: brian on September 11, 2002 05:31 AM
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