September 12, 2002

Well, that was pleasantly and surprisingly uneventful. Dodging maudlin, self-serving public wallowing is a lot easier if you rely on DVDs for entertainment, and refuse to leave the damn house. I got reports from one of my degenerate pals on IRC that they were running some sort of non-stop 1984-type flag propaganda stuff during a baseball game, but I figure he got what he deserved for watching the game, anyway. Me, I was satisfied with robots, cowboys, and irish blues bands. Screw that reality crap. Totally for suckers.

So, the Austin plan is coming along nicely. We've got the moving of junk pretty much settled, dates nailed down, and insurance and stuff. I just talked to Grandma Majcher down there for the first time in a really really long time today; it's probably been five or ten years since I've spoken to her. Mostly because I'm lame - I'm a pretty crappy relative to have. Never visit, never write, never call. But, you know, I have enough trouble getting together with and staying in contact with the people I choose to hang around with - the whole obligatory family socialization thing is just way too much to handle on a regular basis. That's like work and stuff.

Anyway, even though I haven't really visited anyone on my dad's side of the family since I was fourteen years old or so - because they're all in, like, Texas, and I've been in New York and California - I'm still very much looking forward to seeing her, and them, again. I'm scheduled to get down there on Sunday, hang out with Dave and Mel at least the first night, and probably stay with GM for a bit after that. So, between finding a place to live down there (that meets both my and Bernie's strict requirements), catching up with the family, and following the strict regimen of movies, BBQ, whiskey, pie, and bingo that Dave and Mel seem to have put together for me, it's looking to be some trip. You'd almost think that we're not moving there in a month.

Well, we are.

I also got myself the Lonely Planet Texas guide today - along with a few other goodies. Mmmm.... Green Apple.

Okay, maybe I can get to sleep tonight. Note to self: do not eat a damn pound of sugar before trying to go to bed, or you will find yourself finally drifting off just as the alarm goes off in the morning. Between the hour or so of sleep I got last night, and the general wackiness, it's been some little trip here on the couch today.

(September 12, 2002 01:08 AM)
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