September 14, 2002
nation of fear

Man, what a day. Working at home all day, doing HTML and XSL, keeping an eye on the news. I got so pissed off at today's top story, I had to stop and just take a little time out for a while. Let's recap. Three guys were overheard talking about 9/11 and terrorism in a Shoney's in Georgia. Some hillbilly called the cops, who called the feds, who set up an interstate dragnet for these dangerous possible terrorists. They finally caught them, dragged them out of their cars, blew up their luggage, and pretty much just ruined their damn day. Were they terrorists? As far as anyone can tell, no. No history of anything. Just three medical students on their way to Miami. They claim now that they weren't even talking about the terrorist attacks, and that the woman is straight-out lying, and just called them in because they had beards and those funny little Muslim hats - apparently some sort of crime in Georgia.

First amendment? Screw it. Fourth amendment? What's that? Thank god we've got vigilant citizens like Eunice looking out for us. I can't imagine how many of the conversations I've had with friends in diners over coffe would have landed us zip-tied face down in the parking lot if there were good little TIPS soldiers like her around.

Fortunately, there are still a few relatively sane voices out there. Hunter S. Thompson had some choice words about the situation in an interview today. Also strangely appropriate was a link someone sent me this morning to some fabulous propaganda posters - I really want the one where a pissed-off Uncle Sam is getting ready to beat the living crap out of Ashcroft. Go, send this guy some money. He'll need it when they haul him off to the re-education camps... oh, wait, no he won't. They don't let you have lawyers at those secret military tribunals. Well, I hope he enjoys it while it lasts.

In lighter news, I had a very satisfying telemarketer experience today. Some jackoff long-distance company has been calling pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks. I finally just told him to hang on for a minute or two while I went and dug up junkbuster's anti-telemarketer script, and ran the little turd-man through it. He sounded pretty pissed off, but there's not really much they can do about it - they're required by law to answer those questions, and if they don't you get fabulous cash prizes! Anyway, fun.

Bernie also got another wisdom tooth out today - the upper right one, which wasn't so bad. They still said that the roots were wrapped around more than usual, that she has really dense bones and stuff. I suppose that's a good thing overall, but it makes oral surgery sort of a bitch. She's doing just fine, though, and will be back to full speed in no time. We sat around, had some ice cream, and watched Bullitt, a fine, fine piece of truth in filmmaking.

Okay, back to work. Fun fun fun.

(September 14, 2002 12:32 AM)
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