September 15, 2002
outta here

My work is done, and I've dropped off the deluxe dino playset for our future evil dictator Lex, in hopes of an advantageous position in his international regime of robot terror. Acquired something to make the flight a little bit more comfortable. Went to It's Tops for a quick burger before heading home, where we had a waitress that looked exactly like an actress that neither of us could place; not Claire Forlani, but someone close. Made it home, stomped around a bit to annoy the downstairs neighbors.

I got another ticket on my bike today for sidewalk parking. "Comments: Complaint". It's legally parked, under the bay window, on the building property, but I'm almost 100% positive that one of our insane neighbors - who, for example, call the cops on us our first month in the place for making too much noise, because we're sitting above them in a chair that squeaks - is waging a campaign of low-level harassment. We'll see how they like a bag full of crickets under their windows one of these days. Bastards.

Now, sleep, and tomorrow I fly to Austin. See y'all there.

(September 15, 2002 01:44 AM)
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