September 23, 2002
see that bag, over there?

Well, I made it back to San Francisco just fine. We had a farewell breakfast at Magnolia's - the gingerbread pankakes rule - and I packed up and headed to the airport a little early, so I'd have a bit of non-driving lead time for the valium to kick in. Had the now-usual shoes off deep sweep at security, without incident, and hung out for an hour or two for my flight, getting nice and relaxed. I tell you, I'd be a damn wreck on those planes if not for the little blue pills. There was some pretty severe turbulence coming out of Phoenix, with the heat and updrafts and crosswinds and such; people were freaking out a bit, and they even made a little announcement about how this was totally normal, and nobody should worry. The whole time, I'm just sort of chilling, sitting there going, "Huh. I guess it is a bit bumpy today." Whereas normally, I'd have damn near torn off the arm rests.

One of the high points of the trip happened on the way into Phoenix. While were boarding, I noticed an extraordinarily hot woman on the flight, who wound up sitting on the other side of the plane, a row or two back. Next to her sits one of your business casual fratboy types, who immediately starts chatting her up in that obvious and obnoxious way that the typical Maxim guy on the make is apt to do. Non-stop. So, about two thirds of the way through the flight, we hit a little bit of the Phoenix turbulence, and before you know it, khaki-boy is puking all over the place. Very smooth. Real sexy. That had to have been just about the best in-flight moment I've ever seen.

Anyway, I'm back, and it's sort of warm today, but it was pretty cold and foggy when I got in last night, and I expect it'll be cold and foggy again tonight. I went and had lunch with Phil at King of Thai, and ranted about Austin a bit, caught up on the local gossip. Phil is the new target of the Austin propaganda machine, but he's proving to be a tough cookie. Low rent, good game stores, hot women, great film-making community, but he doesn't seem to be buying it. Bastard.

Speaking of which, that crazy lady who we were having the hard time with, the one with the cute little house we had our hearts set on in Austin? Total bitch. We've been calling her every day to find out what the deal was, what the status of our application and credit reports were, and so on. Bernie finally got through to her secretary today, and she told her that the woman had already rented the place to someone else. If I hadn't set up the apartment complex deal as a backup plan, that would have totally screwed us. Pretty darn pissed about that. So, if you happen to be trying to rent property in Austin from someone named "Mary Lou", watch out. Bitch.

Anyway, we're pretty psyched to blow town. The cool stuff in Austin may not be as dense and varied as the cool stuff in San Francisco, but, as Phil mentioned at lunch today, how many of those cool things do we actually get out to do, anyway? Not many. It's just a population density thing. It's just spread out more down there, which is fine with me. People seem nicer, there's parking everywhere, traffic doesn't suck, it's easy to get to anywhere, and there is a pretty well established set of freaks in Austin. Of course, there are going to be a lot of things that I'll miss in San Francisco, but there's a whole lot of things I won't miss, too. So, time to go. Very excited.

And now, back to work! My "vacation" is over, and now I have to figure out what needs to be done to get a few more bucks into the moving fund...

(September 23, 2002 04:25 PM)
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