October 06, 2002
blue collar man

Well, the last few days have been a bit more eventful than the recent streak of slackitude. My last paycheck from my current contract just showed up yesterday, so I deposited that, and rode down to our old housemates' cycle shop, Subterranean Cycles and dropped off the title for the old Yamaha I've been tooling around on for the last three or four years. It's had various problems, the usual, electrical and stuff, and the alternator stators finally gave out a few months ago. It's still rideable, but every time I take it out, I've got to remove the battery and bring it upstairs for a recharge. She's in the capable hands of Pat now, though, and it sounds like he's got some interesting plans for it - some sort of wacky customization or other. I reckon they've done me enough favors in the past, so I just gave it to 'em - which is also sort of a favor to me, since I would have had nothing to do with it when we leave next week.

Speaking of which, we also had a little going-away party at the Drift yesterday, which was pretty fun. Saw a good chunk of the gang together in one place, some people from Organic that I haven't seen in a while, and all that. Our favorite bartender wasn't there, though - she's doing a little bit of time for rolling up and capping her abusive boyfriend in the head. He lived, but I'm pretty sure they're not seeing each other any more. Anyway, our other favorite bartender was there, and everyone had a good time. I'm still sort of recovering from the whiskey, and maybe from the Lucky Penny afterwards.

We finally got home around 1AM, and three of San Francisco's Finest showed up at our door about 30 seconds after we took our coats off. They said that they received a complaint that there was a "loud party" going on in our apartment, but it was pretty obvious that there wasn't anything happening, and they left without incident. I'm pretty sure it was our downstairs neighbor's doing - I had left my mp3 jukebox on shuffle/repeat (at a reasonable volume for any time of day or night) to give the place a little whiff of habitation while we were out. This young lady downstairs is insanely sensitive, and has been a giant pain in our collective asses pretty much since the week we moved in. She's the one who complained constantly because we were sitting too loudly. Really. Anyway, she's one thing that we will definitely not miss about this place - and now that we've only got about a week left here, I don't feel too badly about stepping up the campaign of retributive terror against her. Staying up a little bit later, getting up a little earlier, stepping heavily and lingering on the squeaky spots in the floor, slamming the back door when we throw out the trash, and leaving the music on just a liiiitle bit louder every time... Next week, I think I'm finally going to buy that bag of live crickets from the pet store. And the fun in just beginning!

Anyway, today was fairly low key. Some shopping, some packing, some movie watching, a lot of eating comfort food and resting. Oh, yeah, and Bernie finally launched the website that she's been working on for the last while or so. It might look simple, but it's totally badass on the production side. She's quite the Perl diva these days. I also think I figured out how something I'm working on ends, but we'll see about that later. Now, a little bit more Mister Mosquito, and then bed. There's going to be a lot of packing going on tomorrow.

(October 06, 2002 12:05 AM)
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