October 26, 2002
deep in the heart

Hey, lookit me not writing.

Did I mention that we live in Austin now? It's been a pretty crazy week and some of getting unloaded, unpacked, moved in, settled down, hanging out, and everything. I think things are starting to get almost normal again - tomorrow we'll be setting up the living room, which means couch, television, and playstation. All ready to take a little trip to Vice City next week. Plus, I need to roll out the DDR pad again - there's a lot of good food down here, and I'm eating a lot of it. Plus, DDRMax is out in a few days, too, so there's that.

Not that I've been sitting on my ass or anything - we've been running around like crazy, plus I unloaded all three CityToCity crates by myself. There was literally a ton of books and stuff in one of them. I thought I was pretty good, but I think I did something bad to my elbow, and now it sort of sucks to pick anything heavy up with the right arm. Old and decrepit. Need to start looking around for some Aikido or something around here to ease back into the whole going outside and moving around thing. Dave and Mel - who are our neighbor buddies now - go to this boxing gym, which sounds pretty fun, but it also sounds like work and stuff. We'll see how the motivation works out.

Point being, all our stuff is inside the new apartment, and the bulk of it is unpacked and put in some order. Most of the media is still in boxes, and that's going to be the biggest pain, sorting and stowing all the books, CDs, video tapes, DVDs, and various games. We're only planning on staying here for six months or so before we find a real house to live in down here, so there's a strong inclination to just leave stuff in their boxes for next time. Again, we'll see how the motivation goes.

This morning, we got ready to go out for coffee at Jo's, and I had my boots on for a good couple of minutes before I felt something start to wriggle around in there. I don't think I've ever unlaced and pulled those suckers off so fast in my life. We get these cockroaches here - it was hard to get an exact reading from across the room where I threw it, but the one that crawled out of my boot had to have been at least two or three inches long. And now it's lurking somewhere in the office. Great.

But we've been keeping ourselves pretty busy. Tonight was Mr. Sinus doing Masters of the Universe at the Alamo Drafthouse. Funny stuff - we're going to see the Invasion of the Bee Girls for the halloween show next week, too. Last night was bingo with the El Orbits at the Continental Club. Bernie should have won, but she wasn't loud enough. It was Mel's mom's birthday, too, so more fun. Man, I don't even remember all the stuff we've done in the last week or so, but I'm like tired and stuff.

Plus! Our old colleague from Organic, Kari, called me up this week to fill in for one of the guys (jbelew) who's going to be on paternity leave for a month or so. Mary should be popping any day now, so I've got to get up to speed on this Flash thinger and get some work done over the next six weeks, give or take. Which is really good, because the bank account is dipping pretty low after the move, and buying new stuff for the house/office. New matress and bed frame, new monitor, new desk, new chair, new coffee maker, new toaster, new printer/scanner/copier, plus all the moving and shipping and all that. Majcher needs work badly.

Fortunately, common wisdom has it that "your unemployment dollar goes further in Austin!" Which looks like it will be true soon, as soon as the relocation reverb dies down. So, no worries.

Okay, off to read my new game AI book, then sleep, then work and stuff.

Oh, right, one more thing. I made a deal with myself that, after Vice City, I'm not allowed to buy any new games until I make a new game. Flash, Java, Director, Perl, whatever. I drive a pretty hard bargain, but I think I was pretty fair with myself. Got to do something.

(October 26, 2002 12:36 AM)

You need the fine, rehabilitative effects of Chen Style Taijiquan...

Jesse Marandino hosts Chen Taijiquan seminars in Austin Texas, and probably has a training group as well.

His most recent listed email address is resol@mac.com and phone numbers are 512-418-5755 or 512-740-8833.

The seminar I went to two weeks ago with Chen Zheng Li was enlightening, and gave new insight into my practice of the last year and a half. I spent a few hours on Saturday-Sunday this last weekend trying to explicate some of it to Wack, though I'm not sure how successful I was.

Posted by: neijia neophyte on October 28, 2002 07:57 AM
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