January 15, 2003

Not me, the weather. Apparently there's some huge "fog storm" or something that's covering two thirds of Texas right now. Or, at least, that's what I gather from the soundless cable TV at the gym. Out on the road, visibility is maybe a couple hundred feet, and it's cool and damp, just like it was back in the Richmond. Pretty nice change, and I'm sure it'll be something wacky and different again in a day or so. Love that Texas weather.

I went to the gym early today to try out a yoga class, but the guy didn't show, so I just did elliptical while I finished up chapter 5 of the BBC LotR, which brings us to the end of the Fellowship, then made the usual circuit of strange and painful machines before heading out for coffee and home. On the way out, some pretty lady on the stairmaster looked over as I walked by, missed a step, and almost fell off. I'm not sure if she was startled, horrified, or smitten by my rakish good looks. Either way, it was pretty funny. Stopped at Jo's for coffee on the way back; the woman who works there who knows my name whose name I don't remember asked me if I've been coming there on the way to work these last few times. AAAAHHHAHAHAHA! Er, um, no. I told her where I was coming from, to which she replied, "Oh, the faaancy gym." Well, there's no pool, but it is filled with business-type asswads from downtown, so, I guess it sort of is. Dammit.

(January 15, 2003 06:28 AM)

Goin' to the fancy gym for yogurt class?

Call 512-296-9538 or send email to LHBD1@aol.com and get a class schedule for a real workout.

Posted by: brian on January 17, 2003 08:41 AM
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