January 15, 2003

So, I finally got around to getting up to Pete's Flat Top Shop for a haircut. It's a pretty nice old-style barber shop, but I've got to say, the last three or four times I've gone to a place like this, it just hasn't turned out all that well, and I usually wind up just shaving it down a few days afterward. I'm just going to have to either resign myself to self-buzzing, or break down and try to find a salon somewhere that won't make me look like more of a freak than I already do. Bad freak, I mean.

To console myself, I stopped by Doc Holliday's pawn shop to oogle the cheap bits of other people's stuff for sale, then over to Comics and More to see what all they had. I wound up walking out with a short stack of cheap games and books, including Pokethulhu, which actually looks like it might be a fun game once you get past the insanity of the concept. Steve Jackson is also going to be producing some miniatures for the game, which look pretty fun as well. I also bowed to peer pressure and bought a Stikfas, which turned out to be a whole lot cooler than I originally thought it would be. I'm trying really hard not to go back and get a bunch more right now. They're eerily smooth, anonymous anthro-bot shapes to start with, but there's tons of customizations, even with the basic set. Riot shields, many guns, truncheons, ladders, helmets, and evil stormtrooper decals! They're like little fascist barbies for maladjusted lego-weary gamer-types. So up my alley.

Enough talking. Time for pork chops.

(January 15, 2003 04:00 PM)

I go to John the Barber. He's been in the same location, 20 feet from my current front door, since before I was born.

My first time over there, I got two glasses of wine and a haircut for $10.


Posted by: brian on January 17, 2003 08:36 AM
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