January 17, 2003

It was literally freezing when I went out this morning. Chilly air before dawn, with the almost-full moon hanging over the river. 32 degrees in Austin, Texas. Who woulda figured? It's actually getting to where I can say it's cold without feeling like a complete wuss. Listening to the weather reports for the last couple of days has been pretty entertaining. "Well, it's 49 degrees out now, but with the wind chill factor, it's down to 44!" That's not wind chill. Wind chill is when it's fifteen degrees out, and the cold blowing takes it down to twenty below. Back in Buffalo, 49 degrees is right about where short sleeves don't cut it any more. I caught some of the weather 'round those parts on the news this morning, all snowplows and freezing. Pretty happy about not being there right now.

So, after about two hours of being where I was, I was feeling pretty rubbery. I was having a hard time getting breakfast to my mouth there for a while. Reckon I'll be a bit sore tomorrow.

Anyway, the main business of the day was our meeting with Derek, our mortgage broker. Apparently, there's a good deal of paperwork involved in this whole "let me borrow lots of thousands of dollars" thing. I thought I had most of it in one place, and a little searching got me everything except for my tax returns. I knew that they were all in a folder somewhere - I just didn't know where. So, I methodically tore apart the place inch by inch, starting with the office. Opened every box, looked in every drawer and storage bin. Then the bedroom. Then the hall closet. The folder finally turned up in the absolute last place I looked, under some books in an un-unpacked box on a shelf in the living room. Unfortunately, the one return, the one from last year, wasn't in there. Of course. I used turbotax online to figure and file electronically last year, and I didn't have a hard copy. Well, that's okay - it should be pretty easy to just download last year's return and print it out, right? Mmmmm.... no. Far as I can tell, that's more or less impossible.

So, we went to see the broker underprepared, and I think it went pretty okay. Once all the documentation comes together, we should be able to get the loan we were looking for. I just need to go down to the local IRS office and try to talk them into getting me the information from last year, which, according to irs.gov, shouldn't be too much trouble. Of course, it's the weekend, and Monday is a holiday, so it might take a few days. Anyway, the plan looks like it's a go! We should be pre-approved by the middle of next week, and we can start looking for a new home in earnest. Just in time, too. I may have to commit a vile felony against our upstairs neighbors if we don't get out of here before too long. Yappy dogs, and magpie girl-chirping are going to make me mad. That, and we think we found the source of the smell in the closet and the bathroom; there's water leaking out of the tiles, and I'd be willing to bet that there's mold in them there walls. So, have fun with that.

Hm. Bird feeder is getting low again.

Also, Michelle Yeoh rules.

(January 17, 2003 07:17 PM)

Dude, you *just* saw Wing Chun?

I've been watching mostly training videos lately - demos from a Chen Village festival, and the 1997 Barcelona Bujinkan Tai Kai.

Zhu Tian Cai will be in Maryland in March, I think I'm gonna go.


Posted by: brian on January 21, 2003 06:17 AM
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