January 23, 2003
when last we left our heros...


Back in real life, I dropped off our latest and hopefully last batch of pre-loan paperwork with Derek, our mortgage broker, and got the aforementioned lukewarm news. We also got a list of leads from Sasha the Realtor, and made a quick scouting mission after dinner at Magnolia. Most of the places that we can afford are pretty freaking crappy. Rotting boards, junky yards, and chicken wire. Again, another disappointment on top of the previous disappointment. However, the last place we looked, in the last place we would have thought of looking, we found The House.

We'd seen the listing on a website somewhere, but the picture was pretty unflattering, so we skipped it. In person, the house is totally different. The structure that, in the photo, looked like some crazy Tijuana junkyard or something, was in fact an immense and well-decorated front porch. We didn't expect to find anyone at home, but one of the owners was there, with her three kids and many dogs, and invited us in to look around. The floor plan is pretty straight through - giant living room, "master" bedroom, back bedroom, with the kitchen, laundry room, and office off to the side of each of these, ending in a sliding glass door that leads out to the back yard. Which is pretty big. Greenhouse, garden, bamboo edging, a red barn/shed thing, and a second shower outside in a little bathhouse type of thing. The yard continued around the side, big tree with a rope swing and all. Very nicely kept up, too. Also, the size and layout is such that it'd be pretty easy to have a whole bunch of people over, without too much trouble. The neighborhood is pretty decent, too, close to fun things, but back a ways, so's not to be noisy and busy. Plus, according to the seller, it's the second cheapest property in that region.

We want it.

(I also went on this whole rant on #noisier about it, pretty much the same thing. Man, I should just cut and paste select stuff from there sometimes...)

So, we've got a call in to Sasha the realtor, but she's out of town until Saturday. After that, it's back to Derek the money guy, and ... and then I don't know what happens after that. Hopefully, whatever it is, we'll wind up with a new groovy house, and out of this little scum pit apartment. After we'd come home and settled down a bit, I turned and asked Bernie what she wanted to plant in the garden. She jumped up, made some sort of skittering noise, and spun around a couple times, doing a little happy dance. I think she's pretty excited or something.

So, I went back to the farm. (My cows all got sick one night, and I had to spend a week nursing them all back to health. About half my crops have wilted, but I've got a full henhoues, too, and I'm mostly living on milk and eggs these days. That homeland might just get saved after all.) Later on, Dave and Mel stopped by, and they brought Mrs. Johnson's donuts! They were just at the rink - Dave Attell and the Insomniac crew were over there doing a piece on the derby girls, so, keep an eye out for the HellCats.

They've also been doing a lot of painting over at their place - their back office/house now has a shiny gold ceiling (and a matching shiny gold Beethoven bust to go on the piano), and they're working on the red and black walls now. With flames going up the side. Apparently, black and red are the worst colors to get on right, and they're painting on this textured surface, so, you know, hell. After eating warm glazed donuts and chatting for a bit, we went over to see their handiwork, and then did a drive-by stalk of our potential house to be. Yup, still there. Then home, more Harvest Moon, then bed, and here we are now.

So, today I finally woke up around 11am, after falling asleep writing around 2am last night. So totally not on the gym schedule any more. I'm actually feeling a lot more tired when I wake up later. When I was getting up at 5am, I'd bounce right up, go work out a bit, get breakfast, doopty-doopty-doo. But I sleep in late, and I'm pretty much a zombie until sunset or so. I really hate to say it, but I get a whole hell of a lot more done when I get up early. Problem is, I'm not sure exactly how to switch my schedule back, without spending a miserable week or so slowly pushing it around the long way. Maybe I should give that melatonin a shot again tonight. Ach, we'll see.

Now, ass out of bed, do stuff. Yep, here we go. Any minute now.

(January 23, 2003 09:21 AM)
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