January 23, 2003

Just talked to Derek, our money guy, and he said that our loan is all good and ready to go! Doing the happy dance.

I'll post a URL to the place soon, after things are more solid, and I'm convinced that none of you bastards out there will steal it out from under us. We wants it, and the filthy readerses can't have it.

Today is all about calling people and arranging things, getting paperwork and other work together, and the like. Later on, after the gym, we'll be meeting up with our pal David Moses Fruchter and company at Threadgill's for some hillbilly music and CD trading. Arrrr.

So, I just got off the phone with Grandma Majcher down here - she said that she knew a pretty good accountant down here, and I think my taxes are going to be kind of funky this time around, with the whole working in two states thing. She's pretty fun to chat with; while gabbing about the weather down here, and how it's been a bit cold lately, she told me that my dad, up in Rochester, NY, is melting snow to use for toilet-flushing water, because the pipes froze and burst. Can't say that I miss New York winters all that much.

(January 23, 2003 01:20 PM)
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