January 24, 2003

So, band we saw last night turned out to be pretty damn good. Five guys, two guitars, a bass, a fiddle, and a mandolin. They all look pretty young, but they're all excellent musicians individually, and they rock out pretty hard. I think we're going to catch them again on Tuesday night at the Continental, maybe get some more people on down.

(I love how Threadgill's lists beans and rice with sausage and bacon under "vegetables".)

We got a little note on our door yesterday from the apartment management. They had a balcony and patio decorating constest for Christmas, and now they're requesting that people take everything down. Myself, I can't really abide the whole super holiday fun scene, but a note like that really makes me want to get a giant bleeding Jesus on a stick, plant it in the courtyard, and fetstoon his glory with strings of flashing lights.

Also got a little flyer from the Central Texas Civil Liberties Union - made me stop and look twice for a second, because their acronym seemed strangely familiar.

I need to get to an eye doctor soon. Floaters getting pretty bad. Sometimes, I feel like I'm an extra in From Beyond. Makes the whole detail-orented work on a computer screen thing pretty difficult sometimes. And, hey, that's what I do. So, fix it.

(January 24, 2003 10:43 AM)
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