January 31, 2003

More house stuff today. We got our sellers to sign off on our little changes to the contract, and we're a go. And now, the inspection. Sasha recommended her guy, so we met them at the property at 9:30am. His price included a termite inspector, who was already there, and under the house when we showed up. Lots of "bad" things, like wood-to-ground contact, and cement up against the house, and he recommended getting a full treatment before signing off. Hm. He didn't, however, find any evidence of any kind of bugs or infestation, so that's good.

Dave and Mel also showed up, bearing coffee and donuts. Mmm. We hung out and chatted for a bit while the inspector did his thing, crawling around under the house, up in the attic, measuring, poking, checking out every nook and cranny with his video camera. When he gave us his final report, and showed us what he found, there were some obvious trouble spots - rats in the attic, uneven pier-and-beam stuff underneath, corroded old water heater, and so on, but all in all, he said, pretty average for a house that old, in that price range. So, we consulted for a bit, and we're going to try to get the sellers to fix up the important things before we close, about five grand worth of much-needed repairs. We'll see how that goes.

Other than taking care of that, I've been pretty slack. In fact, I'm being slack about my slacking - that stack of Netflix is getting pretty dusty. Well, at least dinner with Dineen and Larry tonight will get me up and out for a bit...

(January 31, 2003 03:30 PM)
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