February 01, 2003

More fiddling and finagling with the house. Met Sasha at Jo's to initial some changes. Yawn. I'm ready to move in, already! Then some sitting around doing nothing, lunch at Magnolia with my favorite waitress, floss my teeth, pick my butt, blah, blah, blah.

One of the christmas presents I got for Bernie finally showed up, only a month or so late - a couple of autographed photos of Wanda Jackson. Unfortunately, I forgot to specify that they were not for me, so they were dedicated to the name on the checks - mine. Well, Bernie still appreciates the sentiment, and now I have incontrovertible proof that Wanda loves me, and Austin.

Got tickets for the special showing of the Mr. Sinus Crossroads show. So full of scared. Our pal Phil from SF is coming to town soon, and we're going to jack him into coming to the showing of Speed that'll be playing while he's here. We've actually devised quite the rigorous agenda for him for the three days that he'll be here. Phil, eat your wheaties.

Since I've obviously got nothing better to do, I'm going back and finishing up some long-ass RPGs that I never got through. Right now, I'm near the end of the third disc of Final Fantasy IX, which is, well, just barely worth finishing. I've got a couple of small projects in the pipe, but I'm feeling pretty unmotivated these days. Plus, really need to start scrounging for work again. After I save the world again, though.

Meanwhile, in Philaelphila, Brian got a car door opened on him while riding his bike, sending him into the street, and into the path of another car, which also hit him. Fortunately, he's like a big, white Jackie Chan, so he's just a little bruised, but okay. About as accident prone as Jackie, too, though, so it works out.

Back on the home front, we did finally get to our dinner with aunt Dineen and Larry and Ellie. The Clay Pit was a bit nicer this time - we got a pretty undeserved dose of attitude from them last time, which was a bit off-putting, as the food is kind of mediocre and over-priced. But, it was fine this time, and the folks had never had Indian food before, so it was a magical evening filled with wonder and new discoveries.

Man, now I'm all hungry again.

(February 01, 2003 01:45 PM)
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