February 02, 2003

Finished up FFIX - the end is all exposition and boss fights, so it goes pretty quick, assuming you don't take a few years to search around and finish up all the little secret side quests, which I could care less about this time around. About half an hour of ending animation after the final boss, though. Hey, guys, how about next time, you just give me all the cut scenes on a DVD, and save me some time, huh? Oh, right...

I finally got over to Half Price Books - which rivals Green Apple back in SF for coolness - and got out without doing too much damage. Picked up a calculus book for cousin Nick, some Amphigorey compilations, and a few random computer and sci-fi paperbacks. And now, I think, is the time to stop buying stuff, until the whole mortgage thing gets settled out.

Speaking of. No updates on the house yet. Getting antsy.

(February 02, 2003 03:15 PM)
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