February 02, 2003

I love this apartment complex. We come home from a movie on a Sunday night, and there's a bunch of police cruisers parked outside. Walking up to our door, the courtyard is full of cops taking statements and questioning people; the ruckus looks like it's centered around one of the ground floor apartments across the way. No idea what's going on, but people seem pretty drunk and agitated, so my guess is that some sort of midnight church service got out of hand. Who knows? Damn kids. Get offa my lawn, dammit!

Crossroads was all that I'd hoped it would be. The guys were great, the Britney was awful. We hung out and chatted with Jerm a bit after the show, as usual; Dave suggested that they give the opening show of Daredevil the live Mr. Sinus treatment. I mean, we already know that it's going to suck pretty hard, and there's really no good reason for John not to dress up as Electra.

We're also trying to cajole them into doing the best movie of all time, Showgirls. It's not that they have a problem with the matter itself - they're all about the cheap shots - but it is, honestly, a pretty long movie. The show would probably wind up being around three hours long, and that's a lot of work. I assured Jerm that I'd be there every damn night if it ever panned out, though, so, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

I think I mentioned that Phil is coming down here for a visit in a couple of weeks. I also just got mail from Karen, a friend of mine from college; she'll also be down here around the same time, so there may be some dangerous California/New York social cross-pollination. Crossing the streams and all that.

And then, the bad news. A little bit after we got back from the movie, news reached us that one of the derby girls had died. Amberdiva was apparently having some family and situation-related depression, and the bad chemicals in her head got the better of her. She swallowed about 40 vicodins, and slipped away in a hospital bed shortly afterwards. There's all sorts of rumor and drama swirling around, but I don't reckon it matters. We only met her a couple of times outside of the matches, but she seemed pretty swell, and, well, suck.


(February 02, 2003 09:43 PM)
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