February 15, 2003
stuff to do

Our house stuff is moving along. Finding insurance for a 50 year old woodframe is a pretty big pain, though.

Went to the Burlesque For Peace show. There were lots of Flipside-type people there that we met at the scavenger hunt, a bunch of Leri folks, the usual gang of freaks. Miss Scarlet was running the lapdance "booth" (more like a couch, really), featuring the fabulous River City Kitty - I bought Bernie a lapdance from her. She liked it. Me too.

The event was in a pretty cool, but pretty smoky club. I don't mind, but if I'm gonna come home stinky and have a sore throat in the morning, I'd prefer to have the enjoyment of smoking myself. Ah, well. It was loads of fun, there were nekkid boobies and debauchery, and all the money went to cleaning up landmines so kids in some godforsaken land overseas don't get their little legs blown off. I even won a free music lesson in the raffle, and they even pronounced my name correctly when they called me up for it. So, big fun.

I got an email from a long-lost uncle, Thom Majcher, out of the blue. I think he's my dad's cousin, so I think that's an uncle, but dunno. My aunt Dineen is really into genealogy, so she dug it when I forwarded her his message.

My little Flash job fell through, and my little perl job won't happen until sometime this summer, if at all, so, bah. Need to scrounge for work, this whole house thing. Unless someone just wants to send me money, that is.

I've been playing around in There lately. I worked there for a while last summer, and it was a pretty cool place to work. If I somehow found myself living in Silicon Valley again, and I had to pick a place to work full-time at, that'd be the place. The beta of their game, or virtual world, or whatever you want to call it, it's pretty neat. The environments are extensive and amazing, and the art direction and animation are very well put together, too. I've made a few objects through their developer program, and constructed a little scavenger hunt through their world, but I'm losing interest pretty fast. It's one of those things that you have to dedicate a lot of time to, if you really want to get a lot out of it, and I'm just not that committed to a 3D chat world right now. Still, worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing.

Speaking of getting stuff done, I need to find a big project to avoid doing to get myself motivated to do all the smaller things I should be doing. That's always a good motivator. I erased all my potential project off the Big Board, and put 'em in the ever-growing "to do" text file I have sitting around, thus guaranteeing that they'll never actually get done. Fah. Mostly, I need to focus on using the rendering engine that I built last year to render out a redesign of majcher.com, but that's like work and stuff. But, I can't really expect to attract clients if I don't have the science on my own site, right?

Phil is showing up here in a couple of hours! Woo! Let the visiting commence!

(February 15, 2003 09:02 AM)
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