February 15, 2003

So, before Phil shows up, I've got to take care of a thing or two. We had the bad fortune of parking under a rather... active tree on the street last night, and more or less wound up with a new coat of lumpy white paint. And the smell, whoo. So, here I am at the car wash, with not a whole lot to do but stare at the air fresheners.

Yay sidekick.

I drove all over tarnation looking for this place - Bernie told me it was up on Lamar, by a bagel shop we know, when in fact, it's all the way down the other end on South Lamar, other side of the river. Ah, well. One of the tires has had a slow leak for a while, too, so we'll see if I can't get that fixed while I'm out here, too. Then a quick bite and shower, and it's off to pick up Phil at the airport, and hit the Mr. Sinus and Speed. Woo!

Ah, there's the car. Almost done.

(February 15, 2003 10:14 AM)
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