February 15, 2003

Phil showed up at the airport right on time, we walked in, caught him coming down the escalator, grabbed him and his bag, and drove out. Didn't even have to pay for parking. Woo!

On the way back to our place, we dropped in on Dave and Mel, had a few beers and snacks, chatted for a bit, then stopped home for a quick nap before the Mr. Sinus showing of Speed. Which was, by the way, so goddamn funny. Maybe the best one they've done so far. But, I always say that. The "stop the movie" they did got screwed up because of a problem with the projector, but they improved through it, and it was totally great - probably better than if it worked right in the first place.

Afterwards, we took the big gold caddy over to get some Amy's ice cream (mmmm, butterfinger) and then we all headed up to the Broken Spoke to catch the Derailers and Mike Judge play some. We also met Lara and her folks and some friends there, one of whom lives across the hall from here, and gives dance lessons; I reckon we'll be over there to learn how to two-step one of these days.

That's it. Had fun, went home, had some tea, crashed out. The end.

(February 15, 2003 11:32 PM)
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