February 16, 2003

If I was a dork, I'd say that im "blogging the roller derby". But I'm not, so just shut the hell up. I'm sitting around, got the sidekick out, blah, blah, blah. Just taking notes, can't really do it justice on a tiny little keyboard in the dark, but whatever.

Hm. Some of these derby girls do some pretty interesting stretches before the match. Mmmm, Barbie Crash.

The organizers have a new rule - there's no photography except for holders of press passes. Which, you know, is sort of bullshit. They didn't really say anything about it beforehand (although Dave managed to snag one) and, you know, I'm not sure how having fans take pictures of the derby is going to hurt anything. Free publicity, people! Plus, they're just stickers. Kinko's is right around the corner. Just sayin'. Anyway, Phil and I have been snapping away, and Phil's even got his new digital video camera out, and nobody's said anything, so I think we're good. Keep an eye out for pictures.

(February 16, 2003 07:02 PM)
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