February 18, 2003

Our sellers gave us their thirty day notice, so we're good to go. Close on the 10th, start moving in on the 18th! Woot! So, giving notice to this rathole on the first, and we're gone, baby, gone.

Phil got off to the airport safely, after stuffing him full of barbecue and pie at the Salt Lick. Good visit, and now we're kicking back and watching some crappy movies. Tomorrow, we'll get our fat asses back to the gym. Probably.

I had some really vivid nightmares last night about this human slaughterhouse. People had set up some operation in New Orleans or Mexico or something, where they waylaid drunk tourists and took 'em to this place for the meat-making. People in cages, limbs cut off, hanging on hooks, the screaming, all that. Pretty nasty. I've been feeling really weird and edgy lately - maybe it's the melatonin screwing with mys sleep. Or, maybe I just need to get out more.

(February 18, 2003 07:15 AM)
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