February 27, 2003

Man, I'm so lazy. I haven't been doing anything. I'm even falling behind on my slacking. That's lazy.

I finally did get out of the house for a game night at Nobody and Emerald's house. Played a game of Senet with Nobody, a few rounds of Pit, and a good bit of Cosmic Encounter. Pretty fun. Also coveting Nobody's theremin. Got to get me one of those. After we close.

I left my Radio Lazlow hat there. Dumbass.

Came home, Bernie made a super tasty dinner, ate it, mmmm.

All our loan stuff is in for the house, I think, so we're just waiting to close. Sasha called; since the sellers are staying in the house for an extra week after close, they're going to leave us a bunch of stuff - washer/dryer, some kitchen stuff, etc - in lieu of a week's lease charge. Seems fair enough. Turns out that they're not going to leave the piano like they said they were. Fuckers.

I've been sleeping like crap. Just getting back to the gym. It hurtsss us.

(February 27, 2003 11:21 PM)
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