March 01, 2003

I can't wait to get of this apartment. Have I mentioned that lately?

Around three in the morning, I woke up. Our walls are pretty darn thin in this place (not "solid concrete and totally quiet", as we were told when we moved in), and we can pretty much hear every word that our neighbors say. And hey, it turns out that when those white trash cracker shitbags come home at 3AM, drunk off their asses, yelling and screaming at each other, we can hear that, too!

So, we got out of bed and just sat and listened for a while. It was pretty brutal - I'm still not sure exactly what the precise point of contention was, but people were getting thrown around, slamming things, and screaming bloody murder. After the girl crying "Get the hell out of my house!" and "Don't you fucking touch me!" a few more times, we decided to suck it up and call the cops. Neither of us are real big fans of getting the police involved in things, especially a little noise complaint, but I'd feel like a pretty big creep if the chick upstairs was really being beat up, and we didn't do anything about it. I had more than my share of that as a teenager, huddling together with my sister upstairs, listening to my mom and stepfather scream at each other all night, coming downstairs and finding the kitchen completely destroyed, finding blood stains on the walls the next day, and just waiting for it to go away, or waiting to go away myself. Oh, yeah, and the nights when I'd be started awake by his sorry drunk ass hovering over my bed in the middle of the night, ranting and threatening to kill me if I didn't stop doing whatever the hell he thought I was doing wrong. So, yeah, not real cool with the fucktards getting crazy on the womens.

Bernie made the call to 911, and got right through, and the cops showed up maybe two or three minutes later. Not bad for a friday night in a city, so yay, Austin. The cops banged on the door, and then the window; the Springer show upstairs was pretty slow answering them, and they got pretty quiet. The guy apparently had quite a bit of blood on him - he claims it was from a fight that he walked away from while they were out, but who can say. When things finally started getting straightened out, we heard cuffs go on somebody - turns out that Mr. Charming had a warrant out for him, so off he went. The whole time, the woman was telling the officers that he didn't do anything, and that he's a good guy, and blah blah blah. I swear, it was just like Bill Hicks talking about COPS.

Well, at least it was quiet for the rest of the night - not that it did me a whole lot of good, as I was still pretty wound up, and they pretty much ruined the first good night of sleep that I was getting in a while. Fuckers. Well, only a couple more weeks, and they can rot in their own filth. So out of here.

(March 01, 2003 03:50 AM)
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