March 07, 2003

Tonight was the first night of the "interactive" portion of the South By Southwest conference. Richard Stallman was speaking tonight about, oh, I don't know, probably free software or something, but we blew it off.

Our bud Rich Dean is in town, staying in Dave and Mel's swanko back house. He's scoping out the town to see if he wants to move down here or not. (Well, duh.) We all got together and had dinner at an "Irish pub" in town, Mother Egan's. You'll note the sneer quotes. As far as I can tell, the only things that are required for an establishment to be called an "Irish pub" in this town are serving Guinness, and beomg full of drunk yuppies drooling on their little shamrock coasters or whatever. I ordered a black and tan, and the waitress gave me a look like I had just asked for a daschund pita and some warm goat's milk. "We don't serve that here. This is Texas!" Uh, okay, whatever, "lassie". But the food was tasty, and we ordered ourselves some of their famous deep-fried snickers bars for dessert. Oh, man. So, that made up for the lame attitude, and how.

Afterwards, we went and saw Jerm play at the Carousel Lounge, a circus-themed bar over in East Austin. They only serve beer, but they let you bring your own booze and serve you set-ups, so we brought a big ol' bottle of Bushmill's and pretty much had that. The show was full of rocking. The band before Jerm was The Greatest American Heros, who play only covers of television show theme songs. Jerm coaxed the drummer up to play with him - and one of the horn players, for a song - and it was magic. You could tell that it was true love from the first beat. Best Show Ever.

(March 07, 2003 11:05 PM)
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