March 08, 2003

Woke up with whiskey gut. Ow. I recovered a bit this morning, and got out to the big show.

The first day's keynote was Dave Weinberger, most recently of the Cluetrain Manifesto fame. He was okay. His overall message was pretty hard to argue with ( the web == good ), but his presentation was a bit rough for a delicate flower like myself. He also took about a third of his time to take totally uncalled for potshots at Ray Kurzweil, which really turned me off from whatever else he had to say.

The next set of panels wasn't all that interesting to me - women artists working the web to make scratch, "user-centered design", some smell-o-vision talk - but after those, I got to see Kevin Warwick show off all his wacky cyborg stuff. Very entertaining talk, even if he is a complete kook - in the best possible way, of course. He's a bit of a media hound, and I don't think that what he's doing is all the revolutionary, but it's something at least, and I'm glad that someone is doing it and getting the word out.

Afterwards, the plan was for Bernie to go home and get over the end of her cold, and for me to try to hit three different parties and shmooze a bit, see if I could do that whole "networking" thing. Turns out, I'm really, really bad at that. The first party was over at Milkshake Media - they are way too hip for the likes of me. Reminded me of the Good Old Days(tm) in San Francisco. But hey, they had free milkshakes, and cotton candy, and designer babes everywhere, so it wasn't all knock. Dave and Rich were already there when I showed up, and Bernie actually turned around and made a showing, too! I was pretty happy to see familiar faces there, and we all got tired of the over-hipness in pretty short order, and bailed.

Bernie and I headed home, regrouped, and grabbed some dinner at Magnolia Cafe with Dave, Mel, Rich, his lady friend Alex, and derby girl Li'Kitty Split, who was travelling incognito. Tired, food good. Plus, new AAF comic! Yay!

(March 08, 2003 10:15 PM)
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