March 09, 2003
Lead GTP Engineer

The lineup, in brief:

Cyc. Ruling. Best shot at Skynet, they're in Austin, and they're hiring. Now, if I could only remember all that first-order predicate calculus stuff from school...

Dave showed us an awesome Mongolian Barbecue place near the convention center for lunch. Ruling. Super tasty, but I put half a dozen different kinds of hot things in mine, and wound up burning a hole through my stomach. Ow.

Creative Commons. Ruling. Lawrence Lessig gave an outstanding presentation, as usual, and got a well-deserved standing ovation. I'm all fired up.

After the nerd stuff, we headed to Elysium for a party celebrating something about the Texas Rollergirls movie that's wrapping up. From what I've seen, it's not much to celebrate, but hey, rollergirls. Drunk rollergirls! Woo! The event was also catered by a new 24-hour place opening up next to the Continental Club, so, ruling.

Beer happened, and then we went to a divey little hole in the wall Mexican place around the corner from Dave and Mel's to get some grease to soak up the alcohol. I'm sort of off Mexican food these days, but it was still pretty ruling. Mel put the ketchup song on the jukebox, whatever that is. It was supposed to stick in my head and drive me crazy, but I probably couldn't recognize it if I heard it again. So, yay booze and beans.

(March 09, 2003 10:23 PM)
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