March 19, 2003

We picked up the keys to our new house last night, and spent the day arranging for the rat exterminators, carpet cleaners, and DSL installers to do their thing. The Southwest Bell guy gave Bernie a hard time about being a commie pinko liberal. Then we dropped in on Mel, heard horror stories from the roller derby, and picked up a bunch of boxes for packing. Then we went to Threadgill's for some fried stuff and icebox chocolate pie. Then we went to Home Depot to scope out house stuff, and I remembered that we had 8pm tickets for Mamma Mia!, so we hightailed it over to campus to catch that. I've seen better musicals. Chicago, f'rinstance, to name a recent one. Now I need stuff for my throat, which still sucks. Did I mention that I caught Bernie's cold? Go figure.

Oh, yeah, and there's some war thing going on, but I'm totally not paying attention to that. It just pisses me off.

(March 19, 2003 12:00 AM)
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