March 20, 2003
open letter

Dear Mr. Bush:

I am very disappointed in you.

You are a hypocrite, a criminal, a liar, and a coward. You are greedy, ignorant, superstitious, arrogant, and cold-hearted. You are an embarrassment to everything this country stands for. You are petty, vengeful, and short-sighted. You are a danger to yourself and others. You are a murderer.

You are fucking FIRED.

Congratulations. We are now as bad as they are.

Good night. Wake me up when it's all over.

(March 20, 2003 03:09 AM)

For some reason, I don't think he gives a rat's ass about your letter, Marc.

Posted by: bushy-bush on March 20, 2003 03:38 PM
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